Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Dem hooligans again.."

Everyone knows when there is gonna be a football game. Except for me. Well, I used to not realize it. You don't even have to hear from someone. You can see it. Seem them rather. All the football hooligans. The rascals. It seems like the whole of Bogor's youth and those rom all the villages surrounding it come out to see the event. I've seen them before many times I just didnt really understand who they were or what they were doing. I would see em lining the roads just standing there with flags and strange hats resembling dinosaurs. I thought they were protesters or something. I was a tad confused. But then a friend of mine told me about some crazy stories of football riots. "of course. They are football supporters"
Bogor's team colors are yellow and green and so all of em were decked out in whatever they had. Shirts, shorts, hats, the dinosaur hats, flags, facepaint anything. Of course this doesn't sound that wild. There are die-hard sports fans everywhere in the world. But these ones, Indonesian supporters are special. Alot of them come not bringing or owning a vehicle of anykind so they hitch rides from whatever they can find seeing as all the games are either in Jakarta or just ouside of central Bogor. So I was standing there, waiting for a 32 angkot to show up so i could get home on a rare hot afternoon, looking fairly ridiculous in my white oversized friday school uniform when they started gathering on the corner across the road. Just a tromp of them, hanging out waiting for something. I dont know, other friends or maybe a new truck or angkot to drive by. They kinda have a reputation for being rioting anarchists so few people pick them up. Most angkots dont pick them up and when they do there is never enough room so a few courageous kids end up on the roof, hooting and waving flags. There are alot of them now, rolling by on motorcycles, on trucks and in and ontop of the angkots. the group on the corner is bigger. Then a huge oil truck drives by. And there are kids hanging on to every inch of the thing all of em fired up and ready to go raise hell at the game. Which they do sometimes. When ive watched the games on TV ive seen the whole field is surrounded by a very tall chailink fence too keep the spectators from chucking shit onto the field. I've seen things get nasty on TV, to the point of a burning car outside of the Stadium. Guess they get pretty passionate.
I finally found an angkot and hopped in. There is another man already inside. Hes watching the hooligans muttering under his breath. He says something about recklessness. He's obviously got his opinions about them. I watched the game later. I fell asleep before I found out who won.

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