Saturday, February 6, 2010

This NY sound

Hes got some New York radio station blaring on his computer speakers. The guy who owns this computer. Its funny sitting in an Indonesian apartment, the street below bustling with morning life and the sounds of new york mixing in with the motorcycles and the voices of children. New York, wasn't T.I. from the south? I don't recall.
I'm sitting in my host cousin's flat. He used to stay here when he still studied at the university that is close by. Now he shares it with another student even Fandra (the cousin) has already graduated. He was in Sumatra working now he's back in Bogor looking for a job so he crashes here and at my house. Hes a good guy. The funny thing a haven't been to this place in forever. In 6 months almost. Last time I was here was the second or third day I was in Indonesia. I've been here forever. But it feels like nothing. Kinda wild how fast time goes by. But everyone knows that. It's kinda like sand or something.
Its sunday. We already went jogging at the campus track field and kicked a ball around. Then we came back to the flat for a shower, some crackers n a cup o tea on the roof watching the angkot, motorcycles and people passby. A good morning. Though i have a sore throat. But that's okay. Just swallowing is kind painful.
What should I do today? At some point I have to get a ride back into town from Fandra because the campus is kinda far away from anything. in the outskirts of Bogor. But hes asleep. And I dont know for how much longer he will be. He looks out. Probably beat after the jogging. Its allright. The morning atmosphere is fine. Though I be craving some food. Perhaps some Bubur Ayam. The ultimate breakfast food alongside eggs, toast and sausage.
I dont have any particular thing or memory to write about. Just this. Sitting in this flat, using this guy's computer, relaxing after some physical exercise. Fandra is still out cold. actually no wait he's half awake. Ok well I think we might go grab some food. cheers! oh and remember, buried treasure is only in the movies. We can find treasure anywhere around us. Dont gotta go looking under the ground. Thats for moles and worms.

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