Thursday, December 31, 2009

Masuk Angin

Masuk Angin. Is AWESOME. Not at all. It quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable predicaments to be in. They describe it as a bad wind that enters your body. Masuk means enter and Angin means wind i believe so it translates to something like the wind enters or the entering wind or something. You get the picture. Anyway, for the past two holidays I had a rather nasty case of Masuk Angin making Christmas and New years eve a tad unpleasant. Most Americans would probably just call it gas but here its Masuk Angin. It's the crazy thing that you dont really understand cuz most indonesians dont know how to describe it. At first I was under the impression that it was something to do with nausea and throwing up. Well no frankly, it is air, wind and gas that builds up inside you because (as I have heard) you missed a meal so your stomach is empty, therefore it fills up with this nasty wind sent from Satan. It can even make you throw up as I experienced. Do not throw some mediocre cheese and bean burritos from a extremely expensive mexican restaurant ontop of some pre-existing masuk angin. It will create for some nasty stuff later in the toilet. But there is hope! In soda! Soda does what, it makes you burp therefore making for an easy and effective way of getting rid of all the wind.
Anyways, that was my little rant on Masuk Angin.

As for me myself I have been good apart from Masuk Angin and a little cold. I am on vacation right now which is very nice after several months of very long school days everyday. The weather is pretty much the same as it was. Still in the rainy season. The hot season doesnt start up again until...maybe june? maybe? i forget. Anyways break, break consists of what a normal school vacation would be like actually. Of course i got sick on the first few days of break, got better and then hung out with friends, explored a bit, bought a new pair of shoes and went on a very random trip to Jakarta. I pop down to the small school where the two Germans in Bogor work at, Jascha and Stephan. They teach English at a very small school for poor children. I go down there, grab some food hang out or play some futsal with the boys. Usually afterward i follow Jascha and his friend to the local gym and try and get a little exercise. its pretty crazy trying to get there. One has to navigate back alleys, small rivers and narrow walkways to get the the place. I like it, the alleys, the winding twisting paths that lead up a hillside. And that is only on place in Bogor. The gym. Its very tucked away and if you didnt know it was there, you probably would never spot it. All the fellas there are extremely friendly. It is like a ritual to go around and acknowledge everyone in the gym before you begin your business. I like it, makes it feel more friendly. A interesting tidbit from the gym.
More to come later. Using someone else's computer. Can't use it for too long.

Selamat Tahun Baru Semua! Happy new year to all!
Watch out for Masuk Angin.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I have alot of things in my head. Images over the past few weeks, and even months are whirring about my head and my lack of blogging isn't helping me put them into words to satisfy my need to do so. So here we go.

We were driving today. North Jakarta I believe. On a freeway but one of those high up ones on pillars and everything. What are they called again? freeway i guess is the only name. anyways i saw these things in the air. they looked like slips of paper being battered about in the wind. I leaned forward in my seat and asked Heru in the front what was going on. I imagined a truck stuffed full of the things losing a few on the way to it's destination. Heru looked around for a bit trying to find what I was talking about.

"lihat! itu apa?"
"oooh. They are kites!"

Of course they were. But they were plastic. Made out of blastic bags it seemed. As we drew closer I could see the strings attached to various ends of the bags. The strings led down under the overpass (is that the right word?). The highway curved and I could finally see the source of the strings. At first all I saw was a filthy futsal court and piles of rubbish. But then I saw people. Children, running about the pillars that supported the moving metal animals above. Some were playing ball and some had the kites, watching them get bumped about by the passing cars. Then I saw more people, food carts, vendors small shops shacks, a minature world from this distance. And some of those people might stay only in that world, have no means of going anywhere else. that is where they live what they know. Their world. A strange concept not to know what other places look like or feel like. It's probably the case for many many many other people in this world.

The mountain. Shit it's big. Like the watcher of Bogor, a sleeping one at any rate. It's a inactive volcano. But it could become active again. The last time it erupted was sometime in the era of ancient kingdoms and wild mystical gods that hovered around the clouded mountaintops, such as the mountain I am discussing now. Most of the time you cant see it. It stays hidden in the clouds most of the time, unseen. Or you can only see the bottom of it, it's jagged peaks invisible. But on some mornings, the sky's are clear and you see it, bold and forboding. It's so big, you really got the scale of just how big it is. I stare in awe everytime I can see it in this state. My face is glued to it. My friends think its funny. Yeah its the mountain, it's big so? Well I guess in PT I live next to the water. Yeah i live five minutes from a bay. So?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I find that simple things here can be so much fun. Like cheering on your school team at a Futsal competetion. The place was gretty grungy. Trash was everywhere and it stank of sweat and ciggeretes. Flickering lights lit up the makeshift Futsal courtt. It kinda reminded me of a boxing ring oddly enough. A fair amount of students showed up to watch our team play. When it was finally gametime we clapped and cheered and bellowed the YPHB song. The ringleaders of the moral support had us stand in organized rows and clap. I sang and cheered, trying to sound like a actually knew what I was saying which I didn't of course and I was too lazy to ask. It was a blast, cursing when they scored and whooping when we did. Sure we lost, but that didn't stop us. Danar and the other players jumped up from the court to the stands and joined in, shouting at the top of their lungs despite the defeat. No matter. We still got spirit. We're YPHB. And we will be coming for you next time around.
That is if we get our act togeather and start training seriously. I've got alot of kinks to work out in my playing. Jadi latihan, latihan latihan! Practice.

Lunchtime again. Sorry that they are sooo short. Its all i have time for.