Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Early Marchness

I cant believe its march. Where did the time go? what did i spend it doing? what happened?
It march. As you probably guessed. But you probably already knew that.
I met up with my friend Habib on last sunday. He had a new motorcycle and was keen on showing it off. He and everyone else had been talking about it for most of the week even though they spend alot of time discussing motorcycles anyway. But this was like, Woah, new motorcycle! He picked me up at my house, all decked out with a brand new helmet too. He's wearing a blue soccer jersey, a huge white number three stamped across the back. He's grinning as he sits atop the brand new hunk of metal and plastic. Its a nice looking motorcycle. A brand new automatic Vario. As we drove off I asked him how much he bought it for. He didn't know, it was his dads as it turned out. he was just borrowing it. We both laugh and take the left turn onto the main road, out of my complex (neighborhood). A couple heads turn at the sight of a Bule on a motorcycle. One of the guys who works at the Sate Ayam place waves.
Habib wants to play some ball, so we go driving around his neighborhood, calling friends out of their houses and demanding their presence at the game. Of course, as usual it starts to rain. There is a debate, go inside of play anyway. We eventually go inside his friends house to wait it out. They debate about going out to buy a ball. I kinda want to but I dont want to make my stupid cold worse. Somehow I alwasy get a bug. Maybe I'm a magnet.
Its still raining. We had already eaten, talked about motorcycles and sat in Habib's friend's room. His tutor has already arrived. Its time to study. at least for Habib's friend. While he stays downstairs the rest of us go upstairs and wait out the rain. It got really quiet, Habib checking his Facebook and his little brother strumming away at the guitar. I fell asleep. I woke up to Habib saying the rain had stopped, and it was time to go. Still a little asleep I said goodbye, promised to play ball nextweekend and then climbed on the new motorcycle with Habib to go home.
It was a quiet fairly uneventful sunday. But it still was a great sunday. Next sunday we are gonna get togeather again to play soccer. Hopefully earlier in the day before the rain. Ha. Kota Hujan. Those kids in D.C weren't kidding.

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